Using Pumas and latest version NonlinearSolve.jl?


I want to use NonlinearSolve.jl in the @pre block of a Pumas model to find the equilibrium concentrations of the state variables of a biochemical system and then use it in @init. As this equilibrium depends on the parameters being optimized, I don’t think there’s really any other way of doing it than inside of the @pre block (other than finding an analytical expression via Symbolics.jl, which currently doesn’t work, can expand on why if necessary).

However, Pumas 2.4.1 (academic license) locks to NonlinearSolve 1.8.0, whereas its latest version is 3.4.0 and adds lots of stuff that I would need (mainly algorithms I think). Am I missing any obvious solutions to this? Any ideas to work around this?


There isn’t a solution right now. It will need an update to Pumas which will happen in a future release. The current release fixes the upper bound to NonlinearSolve v1 and it will update to NonlinearSolve v3 when it stabilizes.

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