Pumas version 2.3.0 released

Just before ACoP, and just in time for the pre-conference workshop, we released Pumas version 2.3.0. This was a release with many new features and adjustments to Pumas.

As always, the full release notes are available, and can be found here: Release Notes for Pumas 2.3.0 · Pumas . Some notable highlights are:

  • Vastly improved workflows and features for bayesian analysis - keep an eye out for the new tutorials. Also have a look at the documentation on bayesian inference Bayesian Workflow · Pumas.
  • Steady-state solutions for dynamic models with analytical solutions (Central1, Central1Periph1Meta1, linear ordinary differential equations, etc) are now calculated using a closed form expression.
  • Expose optim_alg and optim_options as separate keywords instead of using the optimize_fn interface in fit.
  • Export many functions and types that previously required to be qualified (needed Pumas. in front, complete list in release notes).
  • Add the option to choose the mode of parallelization in predict with a Population as input. The new default is EnsembleThreads.

As well as several fixes for various issues throughout Pumas, see the release notes for all of these improvements.

We hope you enjoy all the improvements we made to Pumas in this release!
Pumas-AI dev team