What is equivalanet to POSTHOC function OF NONMEM in PUMAS

I want to get individual parameters for subject given the concentration. I used to get that using POSTHOC in NONMEM. what is equivalent to that in PUMAS.
I have tried with icoef(model,population,param) but it did not consider the random effects while estimating individual parameters, just calculated using fixed effects.
Can someone tell how to do POSTHOC in PUMAS.

What made you conclude that? The command is correct and should give you what NONMEM calls the POSTHOC estimates.

I did not know what equivalent command to POSTHOC. So, i just gave a try.

Do you have a fitted pumas model? Let’s say you have it in fit_result then you should use icoef(fit_result) to get the EBE information included.