Sim_plot error "type NamedTuple has no field cp" Bug


I think I found a bug using the sim_plot function.

When the @derived block is written as “cp := @. (Central/Vc)” and I try to run the sim_plot with observation on :cp then i get the error “type NamedTuple has no field cp”.

I found that if I remove the “:” from the derived block it works, meaning @derived “cp = @. (Central/Vc)” .

I have attached the 2 photos, one that doesn’t work and one that does work

Does not work


Athanasios Chamzas

Hi Athanasios,

This is actually not a bug. The ‘:=‘ suppresses cp from being saved in the output after using the model. So if you want to potentially use cp outside of the model, you just use =.

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Oh i am sorry, thank you very much!