How to output variables defined at @derived block

UFH_linear_PLT = @model begin
        @param begin
            tvBeta ∈ RealDomain(lower = 0)
            tvalpha ∈ RealDomain(lower = 0)
            Ω ∈ PDiagDomain(1)
            σ_add ∈ RealDomain(lower = 0.0001)
        @random begin
            η ~ MvNormal(Ω)
        @covariates WT FFM eta_cl eta_v PLT_1 PMA BMI PNA
        @pre begin
            CL     =  3.2811  * exp(eta_cl ) * (WT/50)^0.75
            Vc     = 8.8381 *  exp(eta_v )
            Beta = tvBeta  * exp(η[1])
            alpha = tvalpha
        @dynamics  Central1
        @derived begin
            C = @. Central/Vc
            E = @. alpha + (Beta*C)
            PTT ~ @. Normal(E, σ_add)

Hello everyone,
Is there a way to display variables C & E (defined at @derived block) from any of the pumas fitted model functions (inspect, predict) ?


@ahmed.salem C and E are the individual predictions that represent the response variables, correct? so if you predict, you should get them in the output

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Thanks for the reply!
I tried the predict function to get those variables (C & E), however, I cannot see variables with names (C & E) in the output. I understand that E will be the individual predictions for the response. For C, it represents the individual predictions for exposure. So, there will no be representation for individual predictions specifically in sequential PKPD modeling .