Removing line connections

My graph is connecting the lines from the end of the previous line to the beginning of the next line (seen by the straight positive angle line). How do I disconnect these lines? I want a graph of the individual lines but with the same color grouping as shown since they are replicates of the same formulation.


plotted_weibull_lines = @chain df_est_weibull begin
    data(_) *
    mapping(:time => "Time(minutes)",
        :dv_fdiss => "Percent dissolved",
        color = :form => nonnumeric => "Formulation") *
    visual(Lines, linewidth = 1)
    draw(axis = (; title="Weibull", xticks = 0:15:180, yticks = 0:10:100), legend = (;framevisible=false))

I think adding something like group = :id to the mapping should handle that.