Query regarding tv for two subjects with different param values

Hi. Can somebody help me with this. I am unable to put typical value for single parameter (Cl)for two subjects with different values of that same parameter while simulating two subjects together to get a single plot.

I’m not sure exactly what you are asking. Could you please try to elaborate. It would be best if you could share the code and explain exactly when you are not able to compute that thing you’d like to compute.

@PriyaSharma are you asking

  1. how to simulate two subjects from a given model
  2. where each subject has a specific value of clearance
  3. but do this as a Population and not by running simobs two times?
  4. And you want the two subjects to be specified on the same plot?

Exactly sir.
I want to stimulate two subjects together as population with different clearance value to get a single plot but in parameters where we give typical values for each parameter, is it possible to write there different values of single parameter?

param = (tvcl = **x**, tvvc = **x**, Ω = Diagonal([0.09,0.09]), σ= 0.04)

(given values
tvcl for s1= 0.19
tvcl for s2= 0.20
tvvc for s1= 10.22
tvvc for s2=19.95)

Sir, I want to know whether i can add two different clearance values for two subjects where we define our parameters so as to run two subjects simultaneously to get a single plot to see the difference.

If I understand your problem correctly then you can just simulate the two subjects independently and then combine them into a vector before plotting, i.e. something like

sim1 = simobs(model, subject1, param1)
sim2 = simobs(model, subject2, param2)
plot([sim1, sim2])
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Now i got this.Thanks.