Pumas version 2.2.0 released

Since we found out that many users were not aware of our release notes over at the documentation at http://docs.pumas.ai we figured it was useful to announce a few of the past releases here.

Back in August we released v2.2 and a little later in the year (September) we released a bug fix release for this version as well. Version 2.2 introduced a handful of features and quite a few bug fixes. Most notable change were

  • Prediction corrected VPCs
  • A new closed for solution for a model with a parent-metabolite dynamics with only one metabolite
  • More flexible support for incomplete data models in SAEM
  • All apps are collected in one app for easy discoverability
  • Model builder app for quickly generating model code in a GUI

as well as many bug fixes.

The full release notes are found here Release Notes for Pumas 2.2.0 · Pumas and here Release Notes for Pumas 2.2.1 · Pumas .

We hope you enjoy!
Pumas-AI dev team