Julia REPL lost abruptly

Hi - after the recent update of Juliahub, I am getting the following error >5 times every session (~5-6 hours). I am having to reload the JuliaREPL window and run everything from the start again due to not finding the REPL. Please let me know how to resolve this. Thanks.



that sounds really disruptive and annoying!

Does the REPL stay open such that you can enter commands directly into it (e.g. print("hello")) and that those work but that you can’t send code from your documents to the REPL with shift + enter? If so, then it seems like the connection between the language server (which does your highlighting and figures out what code to send to the REPL) and your REPL is broken. I have no idea why it would be breaking but there might be a better way to re-establish the connection than by restarting the REPL.

shift ctrl p to bring up the command palette and search for “connect to external repl”. Once clicked, you’ll get a notification

Now, click the REPL and Ctrl+V to paste that code before hitting enter.

This should re-establish the connection without you loosing any progress. It’s treating the symptom more than the disease though so I’ll ask around to see if anyone knows what might break the connection in the first place.


I haven’t checked if I can execute the code in the REPL directly. I will check it when I face the issue again and share an update then.
Thank you for the solution on connecting the existing REPL to the language server. I will try that when I face the issue again or until the “disease” is cured.

Well, it did not take long for me to face the issue again. I was able to execute code in the REPL directly. Subsequently, “Connect external REPL” option worked handsomely. Thank you, Niklas!

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