Issues to import some MLJ interface packages


I have some trouble in importing MLJ related packages in Pumas 2.2.1. One of them was ScikitLearn interface as discussed in Albert’s post (MLJScikitLearn Interface Import Error) in the past, but some other packages also had issues. I tried to import MLJGLMInterface, MLJLinearModels, MLJDecisionTreeInterface, and MLJXGBoostInterface. Among them, MLJGLMInterface and MLJDecisionTreeInterface didn’t work appropriately with error messages below. Could anyone please tell me some solutions?

julia> LinearBinaryClassifier = @load LinearBinaryClassifier pkg=GLM
[ Info: For silent loading, specify `verbosity=0`. 
import MLJGLMInterface[ Info: Precompiling MLJGLMInterface [caf8df21-4939-456d-ac9c-5fefbfb04c0c]
ERROR: LoadError: UndefVarError: doc_header not defined
julia> RandomForestClassifier = @load RandomForestClassifier pkg=DecisionTree
[ Info: For silent loading, specify `verbosity=0`. 
import MLJDecisionTreeInterface[ Info: Precompiling MLJDecisionTreeInterface [c6f25543-311c-4c74-83dc-3ea6d1015661]
ERROR: LoadError: UndefVarError: reports_feature_importances not defined

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