Installation on Ubuntu (GSAMethod not defined)

Hi all,

I’m more of an R user so Julia is a bit new to me. I followed the instructions here to install Julia and Pumas:

I use atom to run julia and followed the Gui-version.

However, trying to execute:
using Pumas
gives me the following error message:
[ Info: Precompiling PumasPlots [0c61e9cd-e02e-46f2-b961-0746d5a16e3b]
ERROR: LoadError: LoadError: UndefVarError: GSAMethod not defined
(and a StackTrace not shown)
(on the plus side I do seem to have Pumas, on the minus side it doesn’t compile)

Can someone kindly point me to the right way to get a working Pumas with Ubuntu ?

(In another post someone suggested this could be linked to a version of another package (DiffEqSensitivity), my version seems to be:
DiffEqSensitivity v6.50.0
but I don’t know how to downgrade to a previous version or which previous version to use to test that solution).


Hi Emmanuelle,

Thanks for reaching out. The version of Pumas that you are trying to use is a bit out of date. In fact, it’s been a while since we stopped supporting the Linux binaries and you’ll notice that they are not listed on The most recent versions of Pumas are now offered as a software service on Please reach out to if you are interested in getting access. It’s free for academic use.

Andreas Noack

Thank you so much for your quick response ! I will send them an email :slight_smile:
Have a nice day,