Is there a way to import images?

Using the tutorials, I learned how to save plots I made as images to a file, but is there a way to import those images into a different file to combine them?

can you please expand on what exactly do you want to do here?

I want to save plots from different models into their respective folders, then call them in to be able to plot them in a mosaic in one file.

Yes using Serialization from the Standard Library.

Note that compatibility between Julia versions is not guaranteed. So a much better future-proof solution would be to save the data in a CSV format along with the code to make the image.

@storopoli I don’t think that is the response Kevin is looking for. My understanding is he wants to use something like ImageMagick.jl to stitch finished and exported png files into a mosaic of images. Perhaps a better approach for Kevin would be to understand the Makie layouts and create a Mosaic there?

The section of the docs here (Plotting · Pumas) may be what you’re looking for @KVTobin, in particular the part about combining two separate plots into a single Figure object. That would avoid you having to save to file and then manually combining those files.

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Thanks for everyone’s input but I think the only way to do exactly what I want to is to save the data as a csv and import them all separately to plot.