Inability to Change Launch Settings


There’s a problem with JH where if you want to change from 8 vCPU 4 GB RAM to 8 vCPU 8 GB RAM, for example, I am unable to do it. I can change the default settings, but I can’t actually launch with the new default settings. Last month, I had to wait approximately 15 min after changing the default setting and restart the browser to get around this issue. It’s been hours now, and it still won’t run an instance with the new default settings.

To be clear, there is no issue with changing the default settings, and even after the few hours, the default settings remain at what I changed it to. But, the ability to launch with these updated default settings is still an issue.

To update on this, I was able to launch with the updated settings if every instance on JH was exited.

Yes to change the compute settings, one needs to first exit all active JH instances, wait for a minute or 2 and then launch a new one.