Handling a different version of Julia

Hello everyone,

I am a newbie to Pumas, but I’ve been using Julia (v1.7.3) for over 2 years. After installing Pumas 2.4.1 desktop client, my VS Code’s default Julia version changed to v1.9.2. I have many projects (and corresponding packages) installed for v1.7.3. Unfortunately, I could not find a straightforward way to switch between different versions of Julia in VS Code anywhere on this site. I would prefer dealing with non-Pumas projects of mine being handled by the vanilla Julia rather than the version of Julia that I got from downloading Pumas.

My request is the following: could someone tell me how to isolate the vanilla Julia installed on a machine from the Pumas+Julia combination installation in VS Code and how to switch between them?

Many thanks,

Hello Vembha,

It should be possible to use a normal Julia 1.7 installation with non-Pumas related projects by adjusting the Julia settings for specific workspaces. Essentially you need to point to a different executable in the workspace settings as well as ensure that no other Pumas specific settings are set. Please refer to Visual Studio Code User and Workspace Settings and Julia in Visual Studio Code for the details.


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