Read_nca errors

If I add duration for IV duration, I get the following error:

Could I please get some help with this?



If I remove duration, I get this error:

Please post and example dataset we can test on. Thanks!

Hi, the reason which read_nca failed is that for some rows, the amt is non-zero, while the conc is missing. A way to solve that issue would be

timeu = u"hr"
concu = u"mg/L"
amtu = u"mg"

df2 = DataFrame() = df.ID
df2.time = df.TAD
df2.conc = df.DV
df2.amt = df.AMT
df2.blq = df.MDV
df2.route = "iv"
df2.duration = 2.0
idxs = findall(x->!ismissing(x) && x > 0, df2.amt)
df2.amt[idxs.+1] = df2.amt[idxs]
deleterows!(df2, idxs)

pop = read_nca(df2, timeu=timeu, concu=concu, amtu=amtu)