Pumas: ThreadsX bug


I am loading ThreadsX as such Pumas: ThreadsX.

When I simulate several reps inside of a map, utilization of ThreadsX.map will cause some reps to repeat the ids. So, there will be 2 sets of id 1-48, for example, and the random effects will be different for the duplicate ids. I tested this with and without ensemblealg = EnsembleSerial(). I’ve narrowed the issue down to the utilization of ThreadsX.map, as this doesn’t happen with map. In terms of frequency, if I run 100 reps, this problem will occur in about 2 of the 100 reps.

Edit: I’m using Pumas v2.4.0.

Hello Donald,

Would you be able to share a reproducer of this? It would greatly help the debugging of this issue on our end.