Pumas model fitting

When I am trying to fit my model using FOCE method I am getting successful minimization false does that means initial parameters are not good.

Hi Ankita - not necessarily. Can you please show us fitresult.optim where fitresult is the object where is your fit was stored

When I am trying to open .jls file I can’t see anything. Is there any way to open .jls file?


The .jls file itself cannot be viewed in any format as it is a binary file.
However, from your image above it looks like you already deserialized the fit. Please go ahead and do pkfit_1cmp_comb.optim and give us the result that is printed in the REPL.

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Please, see below image from REPL.

I don’t think this is the output from do pkfit_1cmp_comb.optim, notice the .optim at the end.