How to get CWRES data after inspect(fit)

I have fit a model to data,then plotted GOF using goodness_of_fit function in pumas. It gave me ten different plots (because i used three dependent variables) which includes “Time vs Conditional weighted residuals” plot in that. I have used DataFrame(inspect(fit)) toconvert the inspected file into dataframe to plot them manually, but CWRES vaiable is missing in dataframe. Can someone suggest a way to get CWRES data in dataframe.

Thank you

hi @sai_matcha

in the documentation here Simulation and Estimation Diagnostics · Pumas it is clearly stated that the WRES that is output in the DataFrame(inspect) object will output the appropriate residuals based on the approximation being used. So, if you use FOCE, CWRES is output as WRES and if you use FO WRES is output as WRES. Is that clear?


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Thank you @vijay . Can i consider that it is same for FOCEI as FOCE ?

yes, that is correct.

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Just to be clear. There is not difference between FOCE and FOCEI in Pumas at all. In our interpretation, the two are identical. The use of the name FOCEI has been deprecated and will eventually go away.

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