How to define error

Hi! How to fix residual (sigma) in Pumas? In NONMEM, it could be done in the $SIGMA module.

Can you please tell us why do you want to fix the sigma?

While fitting you can fix any parameter using constantcoef argument in the fit command.

Thanks. Just for repoducing the examples of a PKPD course. The course provides NONMEM codes. It does not explain why to fix this param. BTW, your previous tutorials that contain the practices (PK 01 - PK 50 ) from the PKPD book are also quite good!

@Aleem those examples are going through a makeover and will be back online soon. I will request someone from our team to write up the explanation and show why you don’t need to do that SIGMA 1 fix in Pumas as it is much easier.