EVID=4 in Dataset

Hi all,

I was wondering if we need to restructure data when we have EVID=4 in the NONMEM datasets for estimating using Pumas. I am getting the following error when I use read_pumas function to read such a NONMEM dataset which has EVID=4:

df = read_pumas(inputDataset, id = :ID, time= :TIME, dvs = [:DV], amt = :AMT, evid = :EVID)

PumasDataError: (ID, TIME) pair should be unique, if your data has multiple dvs in one column, please convert it to wide format.

Thanks for your help in advance!

Hi @PavanVaddady

In the release version currently, we require that time in monotonic within an individual. We understand that other programs allow a reset option and EVID=4 from NONMEM allows you to reset both dose and time. We already handle resetting the compartment state, but not time and this will be available in the next release. Until then, you have would have wrangle the time in your dataset such that it is monotonically increasing within a subject. We will make an announcement when we make this change.

Note that the compartments are reset with evid=4 when you make change your dataset as suggested above.

Thanks Vijay for your response.


We just fixed this in a recent is ups a update. Will notify when a new release is issued with this update