Eta Correlation Plots

Hello! Does anyone know if there is an internal function to plot eta correlation (similar to empirical_bayes_vs_covariates() but instead it would plot my Eta_CL/Eta_Vc’s for instance)?

You can already do this via an inbuilt function that was not exposed, but will be out in the next version.
Here is a reproducer you can try with any pk inspect output

inspect_1cmp = inspect(pkfit_1cmp)
dinsp = DataFrame(inspect_1cmp)
ebes = @chain dinsp begin
pp = PlottingUtilities.pair_plot(ebes)

and here are the results.

You can control what goes in the diagonal and off diagonal elements and what color and fonts you want. the key part that is missing is loess and printing the correlation number which we will try to get out soon.

hope this helps