Error when "Running TeX"

I am fitting a model to a population and generating a report of the estimates.
Everything runs correctly except after I try to write it all to a report.

This is the error it gives:

Here is my code:

# Practice developing dissolution model using Pumas
using Random, Pumas, PumasUtilities, CairoMakie, AlgebraOfGraphics, DataFramesMeta, DataFrames, CSV, Tectonic

## Model definition Emaxγ
model_Emaxγ = @model begin
    @metadata begin
        desc = "Dissolution model Emax"
        timeu = u"minute"

    @param begin
        "Maximum % drug dissolved (%)"
        θfdissmax ∈ RealDomain(lower=0)
        "Time required for 50% of the drug to dissolve (minutes)"
            θtd50 ∈ RealDomain(lower=0)
        "Additive RUV"
            σ_add ∈ RealDomain(lower=0)
        "sigmoidicity factor"
               θγ ∈ RealDomain(lower=0)

    @covariates dtd50

    @pre begin
         fdissmax = θfdissmax
             td50 = θtd50 * (1 + dtd50)
                γ = θγ

    @derived begin
        fdiss = @. fdissmax * (t ^ γ) / ((td50 ^ γ) + (t ^ γ))
        td50_ = td50
        Percent dissolved in vitro
        dv_fdiss ~ @. Normal(fdiss, σ_add)

param_Emaxγ = (θfdissmax = 100.0, θtd50 = 10, σ_add = 0.01, θγ = 0.5)

##Read in simulated populationa and make it a new population
sim_Emax ="/home/jrun/data/code/Practice/ExercisePK44_1/Data/Emaxpop.csv", DataFrame)
pop_Emaxγ = read_pumas(sim_Emax, observations=[:dv_fdiss], covariates=[:dtd50], event_data=false)

#Fit Emaxγ model to simulated population from Emax model
@time result_Emaxγ = fit(model_Emaxγ, Subject.(pop_Emaxγ), param_Emaxγ, Pumas.NaivePooled())
infer_Emaxγ = infer(result_Emaxγ)
inspected_Emaxγ = inspect(result_Emaxγ)
goodness_of_fit(inspected_Emaxγ, figure = (resolution = (1200, 800),), axis = (title = "Emax with sigmoidicity factor",))

report((result_Emaxγ, infer_Emaxγ, inspected_Emaxγ), output="/home/jrun/data/code/Practice/ExercisePK44_1/Reports/Emaxgamma_report")

I can’t be really sure, but can you please try taking out the % symbols in the comments in your code in the @param block? That may be causing the issue.

cc @Michael

It’s to do with the latexify of some of the “empty” blocks of that model returning $$ rather than an empty string, which results in the missing $ inserted error. It’ll be fixed in the next release.