Optimal dosage Regimen/probability of target attainment using monte carlo simulation

Hi everybody,

I am working on population pharmacokinetic and estimated already V_pop and Cl_pop with one compartments model.

I am willing to know, how can we go for PTA analysis using Pumas.

Thank You.

hi Mohammad,

Welcome to the community! Happy to help with your Probability of Target Attainment (PTA) analysis, but would be good to get some specifics. I am assuming you want the PTA across different MIC’s and you have exposures across a range of doses?

Hello Dear Dr.Vijay,

Thanks a lot for replying to my question.

Yes,you are right. I am willing to learn this PTA technique with Monte Carlo simulation using Pumas.

I am in early stage to acquire knowledge, how ever I came to know there are various other softwares too, as we can go with like R, based nlmixR, mlxR, Crystal ball, winbugs and openbugs etc. But I am not aware of any package practically, as I am beginner in this field.

Recently, I hear about your package from one of my friend from USA and yesterday downloaded your package and willing to practice PTA using Pumas.

This was all background about my struggle towards practicing PTA of my POP PK data.